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#69 – July 7th, 2016 @ 7:00 pmJuly Meetup: Radical Modularity & Hacking NES GamesBocoup - 201 South St, Boston MA

Meetup Location: This event is at Bocoup's new offices, between Chinatown and the South Station Bus Terminal. The meetup space entrance is around back on Utica St, just off of Kneeland. An accessible entrance is available on South Street, please contact us in advance so we can have somebody at that entrance to assist.


First Speaker: Samuel Agnew, "Hacking NES Games with JavaScript"

Join us for a live coding session demonstrating how to hack games with an NES emulator and some JavaScript. The goal will be to build an SMS powered Game Genie allowing the audience to send text messages to manipulate the memory in real time of a Nintendo game being played. This will involve a little bit of Lua to build a bridge between a Node Express server and the NES emulator, as well as showing off a bunch of new ES6 features.

Sam Agnew is a Twilio developer evangelist.


Second Speaker: Aria Stewart, "Radical Modularity."

What if everything were a module? This is a talk full of ideas, some good, some bad. Exploring modularity, including an approach to using packaged modules in unusual contexts.

Aria Stewart is a software developer at npm. They love building open-ended systems where people come up with surprising ways to use it and things link together in new and unexpected ways.


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