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Boston JS

#73 – October 6th, 2016 @ 7:00 pmBoston JS October Meetup: Git & Serving from the BrowserBocoup - 201 South St, Boston MA

Our October session will feature talks on Git, Service Workers and new browser capabilities.

Mike Pennisi, Git

Between git checkout -b branchname and git push origin master, git's command-line interface can be a little intimidating. Some folks prefer GUIs like GitHub for Mac but even the fanciest graphics can't hide the tool's complexity. Lets take a step back and talk about the fundamental concepts that define git. The discussion won't make you a master of the tool, but it will prepare you to dive into the specifics in all their technical detail. 

Mike is a contributor to a number of open source projects, including JSHint, test262,, and Backbone.LayoutManager. Mike is an engineer at Bocoup, where Mike's primary interests are user interface design, privacy and peer to peer networking on the Open Web. 

Gleb Bahmutov, The Browser Is The New Server

ServiceWorkers provide powerful offline capabilities and browser caching control. Gleb will show you how to use ServiceWorker to implement what used to be impossible: Make any web application appear instantly in the browser, and run Express.js, the most popular Node.js server framework, completely inside your browser.

Gleb Bahmutov (@bahmutov) is JavaScript developer, image processing expert and software quality fanatic who is developing real-time financial analysis tools at Kensho.


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