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#10 – August 27th, 2009 @ 6:00 pmJDA: A Step Towards Large-Scale Reuse on the WebMicrosoft N.E.R.D. Center - One Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA

We are Microsoft-approved for togas!!! Toga optional.

Our August JavaScript Meetup will be held on Thursday, August 27th at Microsoft Research Center located at One Memorial Drive in Cambridge. You should come to the 10th floor. There is also parking available at a cheap evening rate in the building. Parking is also free on the street in front of the building at 6 PM.

At 6:30 PM Seung Chan Lim ("Slim") will discuss JavaScript Dataflow Architecture (JDA) intended for Web client applications written using HTML and JavaScript. He will discuss the ways in which the architecture addresses many of the hurdles that modern Web client applications face in the realm of large-scale reuse and remixing. JDA aims to provide an ecosystem comprised of black box components operating within a JavaScript-based asynchronous message-passing environment. The environment allows one to use simple HTML to assemble Web applications from JavaScript black boxes scattered around the World Wide Web. No programming skill is required in their assembly, and no plug-ins or applets are required for their execution. Furthermore, the architecture extends the black box metaphor beyond the boundaries of JavaScript and allows multiple JavaScript components contained within a single HTML file to be reused as a whole. A detailed account of an early prototype implementation is discussed, but much research is needed for its improvement. JDA suggests that large-scale reuse and arbitrary remixing of Web applications can be realized using existing technologies.

After the presentation | demonstration, we will go around the room introducing ourselves and asking the group for advice | opinions on any JavaScript-related issues members are facing.

Microsoft will provide pizza again. What a generous organization!

Please RSVP and bring guests.

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