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#11 – September 24th, 2009 @ 6:00 pmThe Often Misunderstood Features of JavaScript Explained.Microsoft N.E.R.D. Center - One Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA

Our September JavaScript Meetup will be held on Thursday, September 24th at Microsoft Research Center located at One Memorial Drive in Cambridge. Which room we will be in and on what floor will be announced in a subsequent email. There is also parking available at a cheap evening rate in the building. Parking is also free on the street in front of the building at 6 PM.

At 6:30 PM Jim Wilson will be discussing the often misunderstood features of JavaScript language features such as: * Functions as first class citizens * call() and apply() * Anonymous closures * The "this" and "new" keywords.

He won't be doing a power point. Rather he will be pasting example code to run into an etherpad, so anyone in attendance with a laptop will be able to make changes or ask questions via code.

After the presentation | demonstration, we will go around the room introducing ourselves and asking the group for advice | opinions on any JavaScript-related issues members are facing.

I am back from the Cape and will be leading the meeting as well. I look forward to meeting all our new members.

Microsoft will provide pizza again. What a generous organization!

Please RSVP and bring guests.

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