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#49 – June 4th, 2014 @ 7:00 pmYou might Not Not need jQuery & Making 8 Bit ArtSeven Hills Park in Davis Square - Near The Davis Sq MBTA Stop, Sommerville MA

It's been too long since our last meetup, I know, I'm sorry Boston.

So, to get back together with A BANG, we're hosting our reunion meetup outdoors at the gorgeous Seven Hills Park in Davis Square with the sensational Jenn Schiffer and the scintillating Adam Piano Sontag right on the coat-tails of their performance at JSConf.

Adam Sontag is a board member of the jQuery Foundation. He'll be talking to us about the reason why so many developers use jQuery, and delve into exactly what it means to “not need” something. Adam will also cover the latest developments in jQuery, from bug fixes and more modularity, to where the jQuery Foundation has been working in standards processes to help the entire open web platform. 

Jenn writes satire on and seriously on Jenn also writes software for making 8 bit art at, and she's coming up to talk to us about the math behind color management in this application.

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