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#53 – September 3rd, 2014 @ 7:00 pmJavaScript ArtChristopher Columbus Waterfront Park - 105 Atlantic Ave., Boston MA

Evelyn Eastmond, Darius Kazemi and Kawandeep Virdee all have something in common: they are artists making work using technology and they are great JavaScript Programmers.

Evelyn is the painter and coder working on a web-based sketching app who was a long time engineer on Scratch at MIT before leaving to do her MFA at RISD. Darius is the satirical internet bot maker who lead the Boston game developer community before he famously said Fuck Video Games and became a web engineer. Kawandeep is the Open Web artist who left his physics research at The New England Complex Systems Institute to become a web engineer and bring art to the JavaScript Community.

These three frontiers-people are really expanding the internet as an artistic medium and pushing the edge of what it means to make art with and in response to code. Join us on Wednesday September 3rd as they present their work and discuss their medium.

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