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Boston JS

#55 – December 17th, 2014 @ 7:00 pmResponsive Issues, New DigsBocoup - 2 South Market St, 3rd Floor, Boston MA

Well the weather outside is ... you know. As lovely as it was to convene in the park, we think it's probably better to put up walls (and a roof) between you and Mother Nature. So we're glad to announce that we're back December 17th at the *new* Bocoup Loft, located right at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in the heart of Boston. 

We'll be celebrating the season with a discussion of the web development community's hard-won prizes of 2014: a native solution to responsive images. `picture` & friends are here, and RICG Chair Mat Marquis will join us to talk about why that's important, why we can't "just use JS, obviously," and the next steps on the journey that's brought us to today.

He'll be followed by Ethan Marcotte, who quite literally Wrote The Book on responsive web design. Despite this ostensibly prodigious output, he's a self-professed Lazy Person in a world where the ongoing evolution of devices brings a rising tide of complexity. He's going to walk us through some responsive designs and show us how to how to confront the spectre of *more* with a little bit *less*

Join us at 7pm for pizza and drinks and then we'll get started after giving folks time to mingle and dine. We'll also be revealing some exciting new developments for the meetup that are afoot for 2015 – there's more than our new friend JavaScript Paul Revere!

Please RSVP for the meetup if you plan to join us, as space is limited!

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