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#56 – February 4th, 2015 @ 7:00 pmBostonJS: Putting the "we" in Januar-we!Bocoup - 2 South Market St, 3rd Floor, Boston MA

With the new year upon us, we're excited to get back in rhythm, so we're, uh, letting the beat drop on Wednesday, January 28th at 7pm! UPDATE: We had to postpone this meetup due to the blizzard. The meetup will be on Wednesday, February 4th at 7pm.

We held our first open Call for Speakers for this month's meetup and got a great response! We're thrilled to announce our lineup for 1/28:

Giorgio Natili (@giorgionatili) - Undoable Architectures

Too many the times the front-end architectures of JS based apps are driven by the libraries selected in early the stage of a project rather than by best practices. Almost all the MVW frameworks offer a way to create reusable components and/or addons, during this talk we are going to see how to define a front-end architecture based upon pluggable modules using a framework-agnostic approach that will let you undo any framework decision that you make in later stages of a project with less pain.

Evelyn Liang (@EvenlyAlign) - A Brief History of Promises: Old Enough to Vote

The Promises/A+ spec is pretty awesome once you wrap your head around how it works. It better be pretty awesome too, since work on promises in their basic form started over 20 years ago. The idea has been implemented in C++, Python, and more times than we can count in JavaScript. We'll take a look at how we got to where we are today!

Gleb Bahmutov (@bahmutov) - Performance Profiling Using Chrome Code Snippets

Code snippets in Chrome DevTools "Sources" tab are an extremely useful tool. A JavaScript fragment can be stored as a named snippet and executed in the current page's context, just as if it were executed from the browser's console. These snippets can be an exceptionally useful tool when investigating performance bottlenecks in web applications, and we'll talk about to leverage them in your day to day application development workflow.


Last month we unveiled our system of supporting Science Club for Girls with proceeds from future meetups, so note that you'll have to pay $5 up front to RSVP for this meetup. We raised $371 - not bad for our first time out! This system will help us better estimate attendance and food ordering, and more importantly, support local STEM and code education initiatives.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone again in a few weeks! If you have questions about anything that's going on, get in touch with us @bos_js, over Meetup or at [masked].

PS. If your company would like to get involved in supporting the meetup and connecting with the community, you can sponsor BostonJS for $500. This will get two of your developers into the event, a place to put your SWAG, and two minutes in front of the audience to talk about what you're up to! If you're interested, get in touch with us at [masked].

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