Boston JS

Boston JS

#60 – July 30th, 2015 @ 7:00 pmBostonJS: The DOM Days of SummerBocoup - 2 South Market St, 3rd Floor, Boston MA

Remember that time we didn’t announce the next BostonJS until like ten minutes beforehand?

That was messed up, right?


Anyway hey: we’ve got an event scheduled for this month! Perhaps you’re wondering what we have lined up for talks? Well, surprise—it’s you. Okay, it might be you. It could be! If you’ve got a dream in your heart and a web development talk in your brain, head on over to the BostonJS website’s “Submit a Talk” page and send us your idea!

If you’re feeling shy about speaking, don’t fret: we have a couple of potential talks lined up, and we’ll be updating the Meetup page with the latest word as soon as possible. But know that we welcome—and encourage—folks with any level of experience to submit a talk. You have more to say than you might think—even if you count yourself as “just getting started in the industry,” that in itself gives you a valuable perspective to share. What have been the biggest stumbling blocks? What did you find most useful as you started learning the ropes? What would you change?

If you’ve got a presentation all squared-away and rehearsed, send it our way. If not—if you’ve got an idea you’ve been mulling over—drop us a line and tell us about it! Everyone has something to contribute; a perspective and a unique voice that helps guide this industry toward something better, stronger, and more inclusive. Even Angular developers, am I right peopl

Edit: Okay. I got a stern warning about the “Angular developers” joke. Sorry. Won’t happen again. What a total React developer thing to say, am I rig

Edit 2: Is anyone hiring a meetup description writer? That’s literally the only thing I can do, just a heads-up hold on they’re taking my keyboard away agai

Edit 3: BostonJS is fast approaching—like, tomorrow-approaching—and as promised: we have announcements for you.

The first is that we have a sponsor for not one, but two BostonJS-es: New Relic is sponsoring this month and August. New Relic is a software analytics company that makes sense of billions of metrics about millions of applications in real time—we’ve used it at Bocoup and we’ve used it on jQuery, and we are for it.

The second announcement is—if you can believe this—we have talks for tomorrow’s meetup!

Alexey Raspopov will be here to present What the Flux: Alexey will be drawing on his Flux+Angular and Flux+React experiences and sharing his understanding of the rules of Flux as it is played.

Tim Branyen will be presenting Make a Difference with the DOM, a talk on headlessly diffing markup, performance, and web standards. It sounds like this will tie in nicely with the Extensible Web Manifesto—a subject near and dear to my heart—so I’m as excited to see it as you are.

And, will we have a ~*~third speaker~*~? Only time will tell. I mean, Literally. Depending on time, we may have Leo Balter reflecting on his experience with… reflections. ES6 reflection and proxies, to be more specific and less glib. Leo is working on the terrifyingly thorough Test262 suite, and he has seen thingsJavaScript things.

Tomorrow. Thursday, July 29th; 7:00pm. Type that sucker right into your fancy computer-watches. As always, I will be your humble host for the evening—and, as always, I am very sorry.

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