Boston JS

Boston JS

#61 – August 27th, 2015 @ 7:00 pmBostonJS: Math.max: Fury CodeBocoup - 2 South Market St, 3rd Floor, Boston MA

Yes, it’s that time again—BostonJS is nearly upon us. Like the solstice, like the tides, like the fact that a misplaced semicolon was the thing causing that inexplicable error: we are nothing if not predictable.

As JavaScript-minded meetup organizers, we sometimes find ourselves struggling with the concepts of both time and math—so much so, in fact, that our last few events have run a little long. As a result, we’re trying a slightly different format: instead of three speakers, we’re gonna give two speakers a shot.

Sponsor-wise, New Relic is back again this month! 

New Relic is a software analytics company that makes sense of billions of metrics about millions of applications in real time. We’ve used it here at Bocoup and we’ve used it on the jQuery project, and we’re fans.

Adding 3D Functionality to Your Web Applications

Kevin Vandecar

We’ve all seen the web transition from a mostly text to an increasingly rich 2D image environment over the last few years – but now the shift to 3D is here. Enabled by web standards and open source technologies like WebGL, X3DOM, GLAM, and Three.js, and commercial tools from companies like Unity, Autodesk and Goo Technologies creating stunning engaging 3D web sites has gone from “for rocket scientists only” to “mere mortals”. ADN team from Autodesk will show finalists of 3D Web Festival in San Francisco and then demo server/client samples for our own View & Data web service and talk the group through a Quick Start Guide of how to implement your own 3D model on the Web using Server and Client side API’s covering.

Packing Webapps with Webpack

Z Goddard

An introduction to the deep feature set of webpack, a module loader. Build smaller, smarter scripts that can better incorporate your dependencies from other scripts to template, css, and binary files like images. Try faster css changes with hot swapped modules. Use a system that can vertically build your app or configure it for the parts you want it to handle.

And there you have it: our two (2) speakers for the evening. 

I think the new format will work out a little better, personally. Last time we all managed to get out of here at—what—nine thirty? Don’t get me wrong: that’d be fine, if my dog didn’t need to go out by quarter-to-`NaN` at the late— Wait. That’s not right. Quarter to `Infinity`? Uh… Hm. Well. My own fault for naming him “Zero,” I guess.

I’ll file a bug.

P.S.: Have I mentioned that you should speak at BostonJS? You should really speak at BostonJS.

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