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Boston JS

#63 – October 29th, 2015 @ 7:00 pmBostonJS: The `.call()` is Coming from Inside the FunctionBocoup - 2 South Market St, 3rd Floor, Boston MA

I hope you’ve all donned your Halloween-themed Twitter names and inexplicably begun using the word “spoopy,” because it’s that time again: BostonJS.

Also it is nearly Halloween, and your host loves him some Halloween. Should you plan to attend our next meetup in costume? Absolutely you should—’tis the season, after all, and our highly subjective panel of one judge (me) will be awarding the JavaScripter with the best costume an official Bocoup t-shirt. 

If you’re strapped for last-minute costume ideas, fear not—we here at BostonJS Meetup Inc. have you covered:

• PhantomJS, the heeeeadless broooowser
• Android 2.3, the browser that would not die
• CSS, by always standing just a little bit off from where you’re supposed to be standing
• A future BostonJS speaker, by applying to speak at BostonJS

Will your host for the evening be in costume? You’d better believe it. Will I also be wearing a second, more whimsical costume on top of my usual “person capable of hosting a JavaScript meetup” costume? Yes—also yes.

But let us not get so wrapped up in costumes, candy, and stickers that we lose sight of the true meaning of the BostonJS holiday: we’ve got some amazing talks lined up for this month:

Vorlon.Js - Debugging in a Multidevice World
James Sturtevant

Wouldn't it be nice to never again have to ask the question, "What browser are you using"? With Vorlon.JS, an open source, platform agnostic tool, your ability to be a multidevice debugging master becomes a reality. In this interactive talk you will learn how to deploy, use and run Vorlon.js. See how it can help you remotely debug and test your JavaScript on multiple devices. Because after all, it’s a multidevice world, and development requires a multidevice debugging tool. 

Live Font Interpolation on the Web
Andrew Johnson

Responsive web design can be tricky, especially with regards to typography. It’s easy enough to adapt the type styles we can control—`font-size`, `font-weight`, `line-height` and so on—to a wide range of viewports. Fonts themselves are pretty inflexible, though—we’re stuck loading every possible weight and style we could potentially need, across all our breakpoints. This talk will discuss the potential for new level of control and flexibility with our typefaces: live font interpolation, a method of allowing a font itself to adapt to its surrounding context.

Our sponsors for the evening will be Ryan Florence and Michael Jackson—co-authors of React Router and full-time software trainers at React.js Training. They’re bringing both of their React.js workshops to Boston, and they've provided a discounted ticket price to members of our group:

• React Fundamentals, October 22nd-23rd (in 9 days!) 

• Advanced React, November 11th-12th

There's probably not a faster way to get you and your team up to speed on React and getting the most out of it than by learning from these two. Out of hundreds of attendees surveyed, 100% say they would recommend the training to a friend—and that’s all the percents there are.

We hope to see you all there!

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