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#64 – January 7th, 2016 @ 7:00 pmNOW I HAVE A BOSTONJS HO - HO - HOBocoup - 2 South Market St, 3rd Floor, Boston MA

It’s time again for that most magical of seasons: it’s time to watch Die Hard.

That’s right; it’s the perfect time to gather ’round the tree with your loved ones, and—oh! Say, what’s that sound in the air vents? Why, it’s jolly ol’ John McClane! Once a year, he comes out to the coast to get together, have a few laughs, and single-handedly invent the “one-man army” genre of movies, in my opinion, though a case could be made that Steve McQueen invented the role in Bullitt. That was also a good movie.

I have been told that there are other holidays going on this month, also!

Anyway, between all these many holidays and watching all that Die Hard, but not the sequels, except maybe—maybe—Die Hard 2. Like, it had its moments, y’know? It was okay. Still, it was no— Sorry, what was I talking about before?

—Oh, BostonJS. Yeah. Okay—between all these holidays and all this Die Hard, we’ve had to reschedule BostonJS! The next BostonJS will be on Thursday, January 7th. Mark your calendars!

Until then—from all of us here on Team BostonJS to all of you and yours—yippee-ki-yay to all, and to all a good night.

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