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#68 – June 2nd, 2016 @ 7:00 pmJune Meetup: Command Line tools in Node & first-party third-party JSBocoup - 201 South St, Boston MA

We have two great talks lined up for you tonight!

Mohamed Hayibor will present on Building command-line tools using Node

Have you cloned a repo and your brain just couldn't keep up with what seemed never ending lines of code? Do you think that side projects require tremendous amount of time and energy?

Command line tools are one of the best go-tos when it comes to focus, simplicity, functionality, and fun. Check out how easy it is to build your own and take advantage of awesome packages in npm. We will be writing and publishing one for El Paso bike sharing by the end of the talk.

Mohamed Hayibor is a Data Specialist at Blueleaf. He writes code for fun and hunts for hackathons. He does photography when he travels

Zack Bloom will present tips on Writing JavaScript which runs on Other People's Websites

Most of us spend most of our time writing JavaScript which runs in the pleasant and sunny environment of our own website. Every once in a while however, we need to write an embed code or a library which will have to run on other people's websites. As much as browsers have stabilized in the last few years, people's websites have remained the same wild-west MySpace insanity they have always been. It's a dangerous place, bring a towel.

Zack Bloom is the author of JavaScript libraries which have earned over 40k GitHub stars, which are included in Twitter Bootstrap and on millions of websites. He is the co-founder of, where he works to make it easier for non-technical people to add JavaScript tools to their websites.

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