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Boston JS

#70 – August 4th, 2016 @ 7:00 pmAugust Meetup: Lightning Talks!Bocoup - 201 South St, Boston MA

Meetup Location: This event is at Bocoup's new offices, between Chinatown and the South Station Bus Terminal. The meetup space entrance is around back on Utica St, just off of Kneeland. An accessible entrance is available on South Street, please contact us in advance so we can have somebody at that entrance to assist.

Lightning Talks to end the summer!

We are going to blitz your brain with knowledge and excitement at our August meetup!

How it works:

• You have 5 minutes - use them wisely! You will be timed and played off if you go over.

• You may use slides or any other media - remember you only have 5 minutes though! We will have a computer for you to use if you'd like.

• Any topic is on the table - share something you're excited about, proud of, passionate for, thinking on - whatever!

• We'll cap the total number of talks at 12, taking a break partway through.

• A few people have already signed up - this is awesome! If you really want to share, send jorydotcom at DM on our slack channel. Otherwise, you can sign up tomorrow at the meetup (signups are first-come, first-serve).

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